Job Requirements of a ROV Pilot Technician

If you dream about a career in which you can play with remotely operated vehicles, you need to know that there are some requirements that you have to meet and it may not be as easy as you may think. The ROV Pilot technician is a really skilled person and it is critical to understand that you have to master technical issues.

Job requirements

Usually a ROV Pilot technician that works on a platform will need to make sure that everything is checked and working before proceeding to whatever he has to do. He has to grasp the type and the purpose of the work and to understand what his part is. Also he must be sure that any necessary aids are there and will operate at full capacity. It is clear that such a pilot is not alone and he has to maintain a full communication with the personnel during all the steps of the procedures. This will ensure that the general and preventive maintenance objectives are always met.


He has to be familiar with all the possible manuals and be ready to apply the knowledge that he gained. After each operation he has to know how to fill a technical report in which he details the work that has been done. It is important for his to respect the guidelines of the profession and also have high computer skills.
This job can be really fulfilling and you have to see if it matches your needs. Besides all the fun, you also have a lot of responsibilities.