Exercises For Back Pain

Back pain is the most common problem that people are suffering nowadays. There are many ways to prevent the extreme back pain through doctor’s consultation and regular exercising. This problem often occurs in people aged above 35 years.

If you are sitting in one position for long time while doing your work,you should take rest of at least 5 minutes to provide relief to your back. Eating healthy also helps to stay fit and avoid any back problem in future.

Some effective exercises that you can do to prevent back pain

  • Partial crunches – crunches are very effective abdomen exercise. If you are suffering from back pain,you can perform partial crunches for pain relief. In this exercise,you have to lie down straight and keep both the hands under your head. Raise your head and shoulder above with the help of your hands like you perform crunches. Limit the raise till the half way and return back to the normal position.
  • Back extensions – back extensions is a very simple exercise that you can perform daily. Lie down on your stomach. Relax your body and then raise the upper body in the upward direction with the support of your hands. Repeat this process in a set of 10 for 2 times.
  • Bridging – bridging is another effective exercise to prevent your back pain. Lie down on your back relaxing your body. Fold your legs and through your heels raise your entire body in the upward direction in the bridge form. Keep your hands straight on the ground and repeat this process for at least 10 to15 times to get better results.

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