Experiencing The Diving Experience Inside Hall

It is one of the marvels of the technology that one can experience the diving which was possible under the sky in the hall under the security. One should give thanks to the simulators to bring the real experience of falling under the sky in the wind tunnel creating very similar conditions and wind pressure to the natural diving experience. It has opened the avenues for those who wanted to have the experience of diving in the air but they were suffering from height fear. If you are one among those who has the fear from the heights then you can have a never before indoor skydiving experience.

How it is made possible?

  • This technology has the vertical wind tunnel which draws the air from the flight chamber and pushes it back down the sides towards return air towers.
  • This air is further pushed from return air tower towards the bottom of the tunnel and then pushed towards the flight chamber through the inlet contractor which reduces the space in which the air travels. Thus, the air is compressed and the speed of the air increases forming the air tunnel and allowing the individual to fly in the air column thus providing the exact experience of flying in the air.

New practicing ground for the sky divers

The sky divers have a got a more economical yet effective way to practice their skills. Thus, they can excel their skills in the wind tunnel minimizing the cost of practicing which was previously in the open space with increased cost of diving.

If you are interested and want to try the experience, feel free to visit:  www.skydivesibson.co.uk