What Are the Basic Tips to Check For While Buying Authentic Handmade Rugs?

For the first time buyers, it is difficult to differentiate between handmade and machine-made rugs. If you are one among such buyers of the oriental rugs and do not know how to find the genuine handmade blanket, then you can follow the below mentioned tips.

  • Turn the rug over, to check whether the foundation threads run horizontally or vertically. The handmade rugs will be woven in the horizontal direction and hence, can be easily differentiated.
  • Check for the unevenness, in the knots of coloured threads. The threads woven by hand will be slightly thicker in some areas that make it uneven.
  • If you check the design woven on the rugs, you may notice that they vary in their shape and size on the opposite ends. The machine woven rugs will be symmetrical and you will find the designs to be exactly same in their size and shape.
  • When you inspect the rugs, closely, you will find some colour difference in the thin or thick stripes. This is only found in the handmade rugs. However, it does not affect on the quality and price of the mat.
  • You will find a cloth tag, mentioning the place where they are woven, attached to the corner end of the rug. Such tags are only found in the handmade products.

The major difference between the handmade and machine-made oriental rugs is that the handmade carpet will always be woven only with the woollen threads and you will not find any uniformity in the strands, whereas, the machine-made mats are manufactured using either nylon or polyester piles and hence, you will find uniformity in their weave.